Unsolicited Ideas

3e Degré.SA and its employees neither accepted nor analyze unsolicited propositions. This includes marketing ideas, new promotions, new advertising campaigns, new products or technologies, materials, creative or production methods, product names or brands.
Please do not send any unsolicited ideas or original creations to 3e Degré.SA or its staff.
The object of this restriction is to avoid any risk of misunderstandings when
3e Degré.SA output or Marketing Plan look like unsolicited submissions. If, despite our request, you wish to submit an idea, regardless of what your letter says, please follow the following instructions :

Instructions to submit your ideas

You accept that:
All your submissions and their contents will become 3eDegré.SA's property without any kind of compensation to you.
3eDegré.SA is allowed to redistribute them to whoever and how it wants.
3eDegré.SA do not have to analyze them.
3eDegré.SA do not have any obligations to keep any submissions confidential.

Your opinion of our products

We will be more than happy to listen and possibly to take into account your opinions (feedback) about our products, services or communicative methods. To do so, use the form displayed on the contact page. You can find a link to this page either at the bottom or at the top of this one. Please, be careful to only give your opinion on our products and not unsolicited ideas which are forbidden previously. All information sent regarding your opinion about our products are considered as non-confidential and 3eDegré.SA may use them however it wants.



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