3e Degre.SA

3e Degré.SA is a privately held company. It is organized into three main departments:

- A Research and Development department focused mainly on ceramics and chemical assessment.
- A Research and Design department dedicated to the develop and improvement of new solutions as well as to bring our customer's projects to a successful conclusion.
- A Production unit specialized in producing large and medium series of personalized products.

3e Degré.SA is based in Limoges in FRANCE and is open to your Quality Control Surveys.

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National :
International : +33.555.372.525


- 3e Degré.SA is an active member of the Association Ceramic Enterprises, an export commission based in Limoges.

- 3e Degré.SA is a member of Cerameurop, a Ceramic Competitiveness Cluster.
Pole Europeen de la ceramique

R&D Export - participation of the European Union and the Limousin region